About Us

Victory Prehab is a team of doctors of physical therapy dedicated to improving your surgical outcomes by providing convenient, effective preparation in the comfort of your home.

Victory was founded by a physical therapist in 2013. She had worked in outpatient orthopedic, acute rehab, and acute medical/surgical physical therapy for several years, when she began to feel frustrated watching patients struggle with recovery hurdles after elective surgeries. When she started asking patients what they had done to prepare for surgery, the overwhelming majority of patients had not done any exercises at all to prepare, nor had they practiced using a walker or cane before the operation!

Even those patients who had been lucky enough to receive physical therapy or a "what to expect" course before their operation had not had their homes evaluated for hazards, learned to safely transfer on/off furniture or had a full understanding of how to prepare their entire body for the upcoming operation.

However, every so often, a patient would amaze her by quickly exiting bed, meeting their therapy goals and achieving independence ahead of schedule. Without fail, these patients revealed that they had a family member in the healthcare or fitness industry, who had worked with them beforehand to get them stronger and work on improving their balance.

She decided that she would create a comprehensive preoperative program that focused on safety, education and convenience for patients planning to have orthopedic surgery. Not long after she began this program, she was shocked to learn she required a laparotomy surgery with an 8 week recovery period. She had only six weeks to work on her own strength and preparation before the surgery, but was determined to make herself an example of how well prehab works.

She experienced a rapid and successful recovery, and the bumps in the road she experienced, along with the successes, form the basis of the Victory Prehab women's health protocols.

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