Ankle Surgery

The most common ankle surgeries are ORIF (open reduction internal fixation) and external fixations, typically resulting from traumatic fractures. When ankle arthritis or pain become unmanageable, some surgeons recommend total ankle replacements.

If you have an ankle surgery scheduled, your prehab will vary depending on whether you are currently weight-bearing. If you are allowed to bear weight (typically before an ankle replacement), we will prepare you for the rigors that will be placed on your ankle after surgery by building proprioception and balance strategy in the ankles and hips, while building strength in the hips/knees/ankle. If you are non-weight bearing, we will teach you non-weight bearing exercises and core strength to keep the rest of your body fit for when you’re spending a lot of time on crutches or with a walker.

Prehab for Ankle Surgery

Wondering what an ankle surgery prehab package includes? Take a closer look at our prehab page.