Spinal Discectomy Prehab

A discectomy is a surgery performed to repair a herniated disc in the spine. While it is traditionally an open procedure, endoscopy (a less invasive option) is gaining popularity. Regardless of the type of surgery performed, your post-operative precautions will be the same. You should avoid sitting in certain positions, lifting more than your physician allows, and performing certain movements with your spine.

Preparation for this surgery involves training for entering/exiting bed safely and core/spinal stability exercises, in addition to the standard safety and home eval. We will observe your normal ambulation and mobility and ensure that you are moving in a fashion that is optimal to prevent further herniation before your surgery, and prevent re-herniation after the operation. An important consideration is car transfers, as the twisting and bending into certain automobiles can compromise your surgical site.

Prehab for Herniated Disc Surgery

Wondering what is included in a discectomy prehab package? Check out our prehab page for more information!