What is prehab? Simply put, prehabilitation, or "prehab," is rehab (exercises geared to improve your strength and mobility) performed before a surgery. Research has shown that the weakness and muscle atrophy that result from lack of mobility leading up to surgery can make recovery more painful and difficult than if the individual had stayed active. The aim of the exercises is to strengthen the injured body part and its surrounding muscles and joints, ensuring optimal outcomes from surgery.

But Victory Prehab is much more than exercise alone. We provide an overall program of education, exercise and preparation, greatly improving your likelihood of a speedy recovery and faster return to independence. Working with Victory Prehab is like doing the assigned reading before class: you'll be stronger, better prepared, more confident and will retain safety information better than people who wait until after surgery to do the work.

Our prehab system includes:

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The sooner you begin your prehabilitation, the faster you can return to the activities you love! Contact us today, and we'll help you select the right package for your needs.