We offer a variety of pricing packages to suit your needs.

Our basic service is the in-home consultation. We offer additional visits in package deals or purchased individually. By purchasing your additional prehab visits in advance, you will save money for each visit. Our additional prehab visits involve reviewing your safety protocol, ensuring correct form and progressing with exercises, adjusting your safety equipment and practicing transfers/gait/bed mobility.

If we determine that you have a treatable condition (for example, gait instability, severe weakness, etc) and you would like a traditional course of physical therapy before your surgery, we can refer you to a reputable PT, and you can generally use your insurance to receive treatment.

Do you have a HSA (health savings account) or FSA (flexible spending account)?
Your FSA/HSA funds will generally cover prehabilitation, when you submit a claim with our signed letter of medical necessity. Click here for more information.

Additional Visits
If you wish to have a physical therapist work with you beyond your initially selected package, and individual price of $90/visit will apply. These visits typically involve exercise progression, additional safety training and advanced balance work.

Not Sure Which Package Is Right For You?

We can help you pick a program that will work for you.   Contact us today, and one of our doctors of physical therapy will be in touch to discuss your goals for your upcoming surgery!