Shoulder Surgeries

Victory Prehab works with a variety of people with upcoming shoulder surgeries. 53,000 total shoulder replacements are performed annually in the US, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, which is a significantly lower number than knee and hip replacements. However, rotator cuff repairs, labral repairs and other orthopedic surgeries are all quite common, and patients who prepare for these surgeries with exercise and stretching deal with fewer complications after the operations.

Our prehabilitation for shoulder surgery is primarily strength and stability focused, because the shoulder is inherently an extremely unstable ball-and-socket joint. If we find range of motion decreases, we will address these, provided we can do so without injuring your tissues. Most non-traumatic shoulder injuries result from lack of stability, coupled with poor posture and/or repetitive stress. Our program addresses the root causes during your prehab, enabling you to enter your surgery with confidence that you are already on the path to preventing future injuries.

Prehab for Shoulder Surgery

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