Spinal Laminectomy Prehab

Lumbar laminectomy, or spinal decompression, surgery is typically performed to alleviate symptoms caused by spinal stenosis. In this procedure, small parts of the bones in the lumbar (lower back) spine are removed through an open incision, to decrease the pressure on lumbar nerve roots.

This is a fairly involved operation, and the associated hospital stay and rehabilitation can vary significantly, depending on the individual’s prior level of health and fitness. Therefore, prehab is of utmost importance, to safely facilitate early independence and ensure speedy recovery.

Victory Prehab’s laminectomy prehabilitation program involves education and safety training for transfers and bed mobility, practicing safe vs. unsafe motions for toileting, car transfers and gait, and core stability training. We also work on the upper body, which will be relied upon greatly for bed mobility, while the spine heals.

If you’re having a spinal decompression/lumbar laminectomy in San Diego, contact Victory Prehab for a consultation.

Prehab for Laminectomy (Decompression)

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